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  • Hi, I cannot change php settings.
    I have written you an email.
    Greetings Sascha

    Hi, here it is:
    Greetings Sascha

    do you have a sollution in the meantime? => see our emails.
    Thank you for answering.
    Greetings Sascha

    here are the access data:
    pass: ***************

    When the viewport is getting smaller, the image does not resize. It is cut off right and left and the height does not shrink.

    Greetings Sascha

    this works, but the slider is not responsive. is there a way to fix that?
    Greetings Sascha

    Hi, i did not change anything for about 2 month all was going good => my customer could not decide about going on an the project slept until last Friday. I re-entered the site and the mistake was there 🙁
    Because the site is not public right now i give you access to backend (admin role) => so you can see back- and frontend.
    Greetings Sascha

    name: *****************
    pass: *****************
    site: *****************

    Changed by admin: please send login only via mail, it’s a public forum and anyone can read this post

    Hi great.
    That worked!!!
    1000 thanks 🙂
    I did not change any php-code.
    Greetings Sascha
    P.S.: Your support is very fine

    das war es leider nicht. Ich habe “Show hedline” deaktiviert. Aber im Menü ist die Bescheibung leider gleich geblieben. Im Firebug wird der Eintrag als bezeichnet. Nachdem ich den Menülink entfernt und wieder einegfügt hatte, ist diese “Fehlanzeige” jedoch verschwunden.
    Gruß Sascha

    So – in one template i found the translation area. But in ASTRA there wasn´t such options. So i modified the page-contact.php. But two “old” translations were left. The red and the green alert (“Thanks, your email was sent successfully. “) => Error / Success are staying in English. Where are the text of these boxes located? Thank you for answering.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)