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  • Okay I didn’t clear cache since I updated a few days ago. So it is now working with the update. Thanks. Hopefully no more complaints now.

    I have tried it on multiple phones, and the menu icon in top right does not show up. Client has had multiple complaints that they can’t find away around site. It wasn’t until I saw that the menu does not work on mobile. Works on other platforms. When you open site it appears for a split second and then disappears before you can click on it.

    So I was finally able to get mojo-marketplace to get a download of version 1.07. I thought that maybe that would prevent the problems from occurring, but even with the new update I am unable to fix my problems. My menus do not work properly. I have problems editing widgets, there is loading issues and I cannot access media files. So I can’t add photos. I tried deactivating plugins to see if that was the issue, but it does not fix it. If I change themes, that fixes it. However then I am unable to use the theme. If I reactivate Animacare theme it has same problems again.

    I sent it again. please check junk or something. is the e-mail. attaching copy paste here

    Thanks for Buying with MOJO Themes!

    Hiya Timothy Bearden,

    You are now ready to download your purchase of the following themes:

    Purchase Date: 2015-01-30 23:25:24
    Transaction ID: #1699802
    Price: $49
    Discount Price: $49

    Questions? Need Theme Support?

    For all theme support, please post your issues on the ACTUAL ITEM PAGE so the seller can be notified to help you out.

    7Theme | View Profile

    Seller Items You Bought

    Animacare – A Veterinarian WordPress Theme

    I forwarded the e-mail with proof of purchase.

    Never mind, I found out how to fix it myself. The background image was referencing http and needed to be manually changed to https. Once I did that, all the errors disappeared.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)