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  • Stil 1.01 and PHP is 7.2.

    What i have to say is many thanks for your very fast support and help in this case of error, founded by some other people.

    We Use Red Corner Theme. First had the same problem with menu and theme options.

    Menu now works with the plugin, but theme options are still not clickable.

    Another question. 🙂

    How can i sort the items in the shortcode ? Is there a way to set places for items ?

    Ok, found a solution in another themes thread.

    [person_grid number=”15″ columns=”3″ category=”your_slug_here”]

    Change the your_slug_here to your categories slug.

    Would be great, if such things would be explained in the documentation.

    It showas only one star from the start between the entries, that is not the problem.

    Like wrote in the first post, the stars have not the color, they should have from the code.

    You answered with a style code and both version, using a class and enter the style directly, don´t change the color of the star into the wanted.

    using this:
    get_the_term_list( $post->ID, 'person-category',"","<span class='my_icon'> ★ </span>","" );

    with settings in the style.css don´t work and also this:
    get_the_term_list( $post->ID, 'person-category',""," <span style='color:#a28a0a'> ★ </span> ","" );

    does not work, the star always stays white.

    1.) This ist the Result, when i uncommend the Line

    5.) Google Support told me, that it is not allowed to use the code there.

    1. in changed it directly in the wordpress-editor and i´m not stupid…..

    There you can see, the actualy implemented, direct method. It does not work. And right, i can also not see it in the sourcecode of the page.

    5. I put the code there, where it belongs, in the header, but not in the options of the theme.

    When i did there, it was in line 378 or deeper, this info came not from me, it came directly from the google support.

    and again, i´m not stupid, this is not my first tango with wordpress or wordpress themes.

    1.) Tried it:

    color: #a28a0a !important;

    don´t works.

    Tried it the direct way:
    get_the_term_list( $post->ID, 'person-category',""," <span style='color:#a28a0a'> ★ </span> ","" );

    don´t works.

    2.) Solved, like said, stupid question 🙂

    3.) Is there any workaround, to regulate the time, between going on the pic with mobile and change to profile ?

    4.) Solved, works perfect.

    New Thing
    5.) The google analytics code, which i put into the options, is implemented at thr wrong place. It is not in the header of the page.

    But i forgot a question.

    4.) Hoover effect – Font Size

    Where can i change the font size of the text at the hoovered picture ?

    Second question was realy stupid 🙂

    Solved this with the simple solution, to put a different slider plugin there 🙂

    So i have to try another gallery, where the swipe function is available ?

    Would that be possible in the theme ?

    But is it possible, to have the normal navigation on desktop and the swipe navigation on mobile devices ?

    Thanks a lot, it works 🙂

    One example is Jana. There are only portrait size pics.

    Other example is Elisa There are both types of pics, so you can see what happens.

    Thanks for your time and help.

    Thanks a lot, this works absolutely perfect and totaly in the way we wanted it.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)