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  • Thank you for your message.

    I added the code for the Blog Page Image, but it did not seem to change anything:

    I don’t know how to edit PHP files, but I am willing to hire a developer to do what you say is necessary. Will editing the PHP files cause problems later, if there are theme updates or other updates? If so, it might not be worth it to edit the PHP files.

    Thanks again for all of your help. I hope you like how the website looks now that it is live.


    In addition to my last question from 4/3/15, can you tell me how to adjust the photos on the blog page. If I add a Featured Image, it is HUGE on the blog preview page. How can I make it smaller?


    Thanks, but I am not trying to add categories to the menu.

    I need to know how to make a link from the portfolio items to a page. Specifically, when you click on the text/caption of a portfolio item on this page I need it to link to the respective category page that I have created. I hope that makes sense.


    Thank you for your help. I now have all products showing on one page.

    Sorry if this is a silly question. I don’t know where to add the links manually. Is it to each product (ie each portfolio item). If so, where/how?

    Thanks again,

    Thank you for all of your help thus far. We are getting VERY close to taking this website live and I have a couple other questions.

    1 – As you can see, I added ALOT (and still have 10+ to add) of product photos.

    Is it possible to have all of the products on 1 page (instead of 7), so that when you click on a category, they show properly (right now they only show the ones on that particular page? Or, will having all of the products on 1 page cause the page to load too slow?

    2 – I’ve done some more thinking about what happens when you click on a product name (text) from the Product page It would be better if when you click it takes you to the appropriate subpage for that category. How can I make this happen for each product image? Where would I edit that link? Meaning, for all of the pink “Curl’n” products, I would want them to go to this page: when you click on the text of the product name. Is this possible?

    Thank you again for all of your help.

    Thank you.

    1 – I need to figure out how to update the sevenleague file (thorugh FTP?).

    2 – I added the CSS code and it took away all of the details, not just the date? Maybe I misunderstood? Maybe it is better this way …. that way I don’t have to do item #1 above.

    3 – How do I get certain types of clients to show in a grid? For example, this shortcode:
    [client_grid columns=”3″]

    Can I change it to something like [client_grid columns=”3″ type=”logo”] to get it just to show the clients with the category of logo? I tried it and it did not work, but am I close to customizing the shortcode? For Portfolio there is a shortcode builder, but I don’t see on for Clients.

    Thanks for your help,


    I am thinking I might just create a new page and use a Gallery, for example:

    This way I can add text to the top, then add the products I want on that page. I hope that makes sense. If I use the Category page from the Menu, I cannot add any additional text to it (or I don’t know how).

    A related question – on the wording on the Portfolio items:

    Is it possible to change how those read? For example, I would rather they say
    Client = For More Information
    Works = Product

    Also, when you click on the portfolio item, it takes you to a “slider” of some sort. Where do I change that so it formats differently and the date is not visible?

    Thanks again,

    Thank you – fixed it. I feel SOOOOO silly. Thank you for your patience and assistance.


    Thank you, I got that to work now. The testimonials don’t seem to rotate and when I click on the arrow to move to the next, nothing happens. I see the code you provided has auto=”true” which makes me think it is set-up to rotate. Hmmmmmm.


    Thanks for the explanation. Here is what the new page looks like:

    I don’t like how it looks. Just a list of large photos. And I cannot add any text or additional content to the page.

    I tried adding a link in the Portfolio item itself on the right side under “Project Options”, but I don’t see where that link actually goes or shows up.


    Thank you very much for your help. We made those changes and the theme is working as we hoped. Thanks again for your responsiveness and guidance. Most appreciated!

    Sorry for the delay getting back to you.

    Here is the new log-in page:

    This is hosted at GoDaddy now (it was somewhere else previously). I still don’t see the theme options, nor is the header looking like it should.


    Sorry about that. I thought you got it from the email I triggered through WordPress.

    I am having some other issues – we really want the look/feel of the site as it looks in the demo for the header and footer (gray bars): , but don’t see where to make that happen.

    Nor, do we see the “ThemeOptions” as described here:!/themeoptions

    Thanks again,

    sent by email. thanks.

    No. We don’t use multi-site installation.

    I can send you a full backup of the site or make you an admin on the site, so you can take a peek.

    Unfortunately, if the shortcodes don’t work, this theme is useless to me.

    Please let me know how we can proceed. We really want to use this theme.


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