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    Loovo theme


    I height of the images I uploaded are about half the size that is being displayed.

    I’m not sure if something was changed because it’s been like this for several months now. I never dealt with it because I didn’t need access to theme options but now I do. To answer your question, Editor doesn’t appear so I can’t access Editor page. Thanks!

    Under “Appearance”, I used to have the selection “theme options” but it is no longer there.

    Please ignore my last response. I found the section to make the change. Thanks!

    Thanks for prompt response.

    Item #2. I want to remove the section with the page title but I can’t seem to find the area you are referring to. Can you be more specific. Thanks!

    Perfect! Thanks!

    ok… Thanks for the advice.

    login info sent to… Thanks!

    I changed the slug to “team” however it doesn’t save. When I update the page, the slug turns back to a blank field.

    Having one issue though. the link “Team” on the one page menu. the team section is on the one page but the link won’t take me to it. In fact, the link does nothing although I have the the proper link “#sector_team”

    Here’s the single page in question:


    please ignore request. I figured it out. Thanks!

    page in question is

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)