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  • it s working with your solution. thanks

    i find a way but not permanent

    On apparence i have change css. and i come back with the cross and section body setting. i change the H2 and on the right part it change as i want. I click on publish but when i refresh the page, it come back again at the big size

    So, in mainsection it change the main page text but not the woocommerce product description size

    Really thanks for the answer very quickly,
    I put it on 12 px but it change only the spaced 🙁

    thanks a lot for your help, even is it wasn t an issue of your theme. i apreciate this help a lot.

    i send it to you several days ago.

    ok but what s about the menu ? even if i change in the blog page the default theme to anything or to everything else, i have always the same menu…

    and i don t see the text i wrote, only the articles…

    hi and thanks for your answer. Even if i set it up to empty or my menu or main i have always the same menu

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)