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  • Hi, I used 1.15 because it seemed like the last version according to my downloads. But I see now that you have updated my download files with version 1.16. I will try that.
    Now I have tried and i got the following warnings, do they tell you anything?

    Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /customers/6/e/f/ on line 52…. the first of a lot of them.

    A lot of strange things happened but it seems like in the end it was a simple case of colliding plugins, in this case a version of Jetpack that seems to have broken everything!!!
    Now everything is fine again.
    Thank you!

    Hi, it’s Johncrooner again!
    I think my Prestige theme installation works very well now, on desktops, but it isn’t very responsive on mobiles (and isn’t considered responsive as far as Google concerns either). My customer is a little bit dissatisfied and are looking for other themes but I haven’t found anything that looks better, or work better, so if you could please take a look at on a phone and see if it looks as you have intended on mobiles. Otherwise I maybe have missed something when developing the site.
    Yours truly!

    Thanks a lot for excellent service!
    Works very good!

    Thanks a lot!
    Could you please do the same with the portfolio grid.
    As it is now the only way to get a Read more! “button” is to use the Portfolio list, not the grid and not the masonry. I sure would like to have the same function in portfolio grid as in what you did with team: a click on the portfolio item name will get you to the according single portfolio page.

    Hi, can’t figure out how it is intended to work with teams, how can I make the team members clickable so that they lead to their separate presentation pages. For instance, in your demo, there is no way to get to their own pages without knowing the adress, or have i missed something essential? You can’t click on the picture and you can’t click on the name or the title.

    Hi, I also have a problem with the demo content in Prestige.
    I have tried to import the file twice but the screen turns blank in the step 2 of installation:
    I’ve tried both in Safari and Firefox and with the demo.xml file that was bundled with the Bundledeal and with the file from the google drive mentioned above, and nothing succeeds. How long could I expect it to take on a usual 4 MB internet connection?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)