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  • This is how most, if not all, would expect it to work:

    1) enter listing info, address, zip…
    2) update page (save)
    3) now the lat/long are set for the Google map
    4) now maybe your “map picker” can help people with not so accurate lat/long values and change the zoom level

    With the Eastend theme, I fixed the backwards lat/long text input fields and also set a default lat/long, and default zoom level. I fixed these by editing your theme files.

    No theme is perfect, but backwards lat/long values, is just wrong.

    You should have a “default location” that is able to be set. So when you add a new PROPERTY, it isn’t a blank map pointing to the middle of the dead sea like it is now.

    Latitude and longitude are reversed in the Eastend real estate theme when you’re adding an “object” (why isn’t it “property” instead of “object”?). This needs to be fixed.

    Why don’t you add a function to geo locate by zipcode and save people the hassle of having to get the coordinates from somewhere else, and then remember that they’re backwards when entering them manually?

    I’ve already got a pretty long list of work-arounds to try to explain to my client when adding properties to her site that uses the Eastend theme.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)