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  • Yay it is.

    The buttons in mobile menu are too small and at the wrong place. You can test it on your iPhone.

    Ok. Thank you! This worked. Another question:
    the menu icons are not displayed next to their menu text. Can I change that?

    Did you find out anything about the iPhone thing?
    It has to work.

    Ok. Thank you.
    Now it worked but the pictures are buggy.
    What did I do wrong?
    See Screenshot of all 3 types here:

    or on


    Did you see the screenshot?
    I’m on iPhone 6 with iOS 9.1.

    What I meant was how do I add the pictures for the testimonial slider. You told me to do that with featured image. But how can I add more than one picture there?

    Ok. But after I added an featured Image there is no Slide.
    I can only add one of the featured Images. How can I make a Slider with only 1 picture? What do I get wrong?

    See on
    Screenshot at

    Thank You:)

    Ok. Now size works.
    But the next problem is that the background picture parallax is only displayed where theres no text. So text has no background picture on the iPhone…

    You mean I have to increase height or smaller the font to make it visible on the iPhone?

    Jup I know the shortcode, but how do I add pictures to that?:)

    How can I install demo content?

    And another question:
    Is there a possibility to put a testimonial slider on a parallax?
    If yes, how do I create those testimonial sliders?

    Ok. So I have to backup the whole Site and reinstall it anew?

    I used sort of Presets by 1&1…:(
    Did installation via their system…

    No localhost. But its a Subsite

    I Mean after “changing” css content…:)

    Ok. Cant test it now:(
    By clicking “save” after css content it always says “error”.

    Do you know why?:(

    Ok. Perefect! That worked for me!

    How can I change the font color to #AE9A64 (RGB 174,154,100)?

    Tried to change “color” but that didn’t help…:(


    I entered:
    body.postid-28 {

    Where can I send you private Messages?

    Thank you! Picture frame is gone, perfect!

    But the thing with changing background didnt change anything:(

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)