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  • Nope… no <a href… tag in line 24.
    And something little irritating: The Zip is named Parador, but inside there is a theme called Sundance Version 2.02.

    Thanks! So far it still doesn’t work, maybe I didn’t install it correctly. This is what I did: Logged into mojo, clicked the “my download”-button and simply downloaded the theme. Unzipped and replaced three files on the server: team-entry.php, team-grid.php and team-list.php. Am I right? And did I download the updated version?

    Yes! That would be great!
    same possible for the Portfolio section?

    Not so good, however no tragedy. I simply will then translate into the scripts.
    More important to me is the functionality of team and portfolio grids.
    Here I want to link from the list items to the appropriate entries.
    Any solution on that?

    …and same with the Portfolio grid and slider: Doesn’t really make sense when items are noch clickable.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)