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  • Not at all.

    The link is

    I think there are some icon/network missing, see screen:


    Ok thanks but WHERE I insert this shortcode?


    Yes after checking and unchecking it worked. The theme was shared on all the network

    Actually in another site of mine I have this result with no extra css code

    Anyway show headlines is already unchecked!!

    How can I overcome the social problem on my multisite installation?

    The link is (hide this to pubic please)
    Yes it is a multisite installation.

    A couple of other question:

    How can I avoid the categories to be shown on the download image?
    How can I void the page title to be shown?


    Sorry it didn’t worked because I was logged as admin!

    Anyway it would be possible for example to enlarge the header section to add more shortcodes, and also set up the height of the search bar?

    To be honest when I red you have so many shortcakes and I saw cheaper themes having it, I took for granted you have!

    I mean, you have short codes for basically anything, and not for the main features of EDD. It is incredible considering that yours is a dedicated theme to EDD!

    Thank You, works fine.

    However it is really bad that there is no “Top Seller” or “Featured”

    Do you have any idea how to overcome this?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)