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  • Some of these items are within the theme though. If I delete them will it effect the theme functionality?

    Yes, it causes the page to show error messages for any user….you cannot see the site at all just the errors. Isn’t this a code fix based on the new version of wordpress? Do you have a new version of the Daisy theme?

    Thank you so then is there a way to turn off the mobile version?

    Actually I think I may have fixed it. Thanks anyway!!

    Also do you know how to get rid of the space after the heading on a particular page? Say I want a slider to go right up under the header? Right now there is default spacing and no option to override for a specific page.

    Thanks for the quick response. For now I had to change the background to light grey and the footer font color to black (so people can see it) but the 2 contact lines for address and phone should show up as a different preset if you inspect the code. As per my Footer Typographie the only preset I have is listed below as well.

    ====Typographie for footer===
    Text – Font
    rgb(41, 35, 35)
    ▼ Fontcolor
    Preview: Lorem Ipsum Dolor

    Widget Title Colorx
    rgb(41, 35, 35)
    ▼ The Textcolor for the Widgettitle



    It worked many thanks for everything!!!!

    OKay, can you give me the code to edit the php files and which files to edit? I only need them to be about 400×450 or smaller.

    Thank you. I will try it tonight after hours.

    Also, I tried creating a new page and using the custom options at the bottom under GROUP TEMPLATES to select only Baseball instructor types but the code does not seem to be working OR i’m not doing something correctly.

    Is there any plugin that you have that will do this or will there be any updates? I have about 30 instructors that I need to categorize by what they instruct for example: here are all the baseball coaches (show baseball instructors), followed by football instructors, etc.

    Otherwise I can’t use this the way I was hoping and need to find another plugin.

    Thank you.


    I have another issue. For both the Team and Instructor pages… when you click on a person’s picture…it takes them to their bio page. The picture on their bio page is cropped on the top (it chops half the head off). I’ve tried playing with the picture size but nothing seems to work. Is there custom code to put on the instructor or team bio page itself?

    Sorry, Strong theme.

    It’s the sport theme. And, could you provide the short code for filtering both team AND instructor?

    I want to see all team members who are managers and then I want to see all baseball instructors.


    It doesn’t seem to make any difference. Any other suggestions?


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)