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  • Hello,

    I’m using the IAM theme and noticed the appearance of my home page has changed.

    Is IAM compatible with the latest WordPress 4.6? I can’t find the IAM version so I have no idea. What version of IAM should I have installed?

    Kind regards,

    Hi Anne,

    of course it’s compatible with WordPress 4.6. Latest version of the theme is 1.03, you can see the version of the theme in WP admin -> Appearance -> Themes.

    What exactly has changed? Have you changed something? Installed plugins? Was the changed immediately after the update? Have you checked already the page settings?

    I haven’t changed anything. I was assuming it was the upgrade to WordPress 4.6. All the other pages look correct. I really can’t tell you if the change occurred after the upgrade, as I said I’m assuming because that was the only change.

    I wanted to check with you first before I try and correct the page.

    The footer is gone. The header is shifted to the left instead of the right. The text that said “I am…” is no longer visible. There is a black shadow behind the content. My website is http://www.seoanne.com.


    I saw in the source code of the font-page that you set another theme profile. Please edit the page and check in the settings box below the editor -> “Layout” tab -> “Theme Profile”, there is set another theme profile. Set this to empty, save the page, I think this will solve the problem.

    I can’t find the other theme that you are saying is referenced.

    I checked:

    Edit page (Home)>Under Layout tab>Theme Profile – it’s blank.

    Is there another place that I should check?


    Hi Anne,

    have you installed a cache plugin? Or tried to delete the browser cache after making changes? If this will not solve the problem, you can send us (info@7theme.net) the link to your website and a login, then we can take a look at the backend and help you to solve the problem.

    I got it!!

    I did clear the incorrect theme but it wasn’t exactly in the place noted in your directions.

    Thanks for your help!

    Ok, perfect, I’m glad it’s working now.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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