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  • Good evening. I would like to know how to enable the warning page that the site is prohibited for children under 18?


    what theme do you use?


    Ok, in this theme there is no special function for such a page, but it’s very easy to create a 18+ page. Please create a new page, choose “Waiting Page” as page template (it’s a blank template without menu, header, footer,…), and add two buttons in the content section, one for “Entry (18+)” and one for “Back to Google”.

    Good Morning. I created a new page, choose the template “waiting page”, but not found the content section to add the buttons. Where is ?

    When you edit the page, just put the two buttons in the editor, there were you write your content on normal pages…

    Good afternoon

    In editing the page I found the buttons to be inserted? Where they are?

    Like most of all other shortcodes the buttons are in the shortcodes generator, see second line of buttons in the editor.

    See also:

    Can’t find the shortcode generator

    Perfect! I managed to turn the page with the buttons. How do I when someone accesses the site, this warning page appears?

    Set it as front-page. WP admin -> Settings -> Front page displays -> Page -> (choose the page with the buttons)

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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