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  • Hi there, I have a number of issues with this theme and have received no response from the mojo marketplace support forum (from which I purchased your theme).

    The main issues I have right now are:

    Some of my portfolio links are linking to websites as sub domain so takes visitor to an error page, example here: http://www.madcatmarketing.co.uk/portfolio/moore-catering/

    Can i also remove the arrows so only one image can represent a job?

    It also shows ‘Releated works’ rather than ‘Related works’ – i can’t find this spelling error in the code.

    Then there is errors with my footer widget, the icons don’t show on the contact us widget (www.madcatmarketing.co.uk)

    And finally, the favicon doesn’t show on http://www.madcatmarketing.co.uk

    I’d be grateful if you could address these problems asap, I pay for google adwords am driving as much traffic to my site as possible and especially the portfolio issues are putting people off my business.

    Thank you

    Cathy Rowson
    Mad Cat Marketing


    sorry, but the most of the issues is no a problem with of the theme.


    You’ve uploaded a png file, thats why the browser dont display the favicon. Please use a .ico file

    Portfolio link

    You’ve not added a valid URL, thats why the link to the page doesnt work. Please start a url always with http://

    Footer Widget

    The widget is made with a plugin, so we cant help you, you have to contact the plugin authot.

    Spelling error

    We’ve fixed this problem, you can download the recent version 10.02, there is the spelling error fixed. In this version we’ve removed also the arrows in the single portfolio if there is only one image.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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