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  • Dear all,

    I just discovered a big issue … one month before the start of my business 🙁

    Could you please have a look to http://immoovation.com with Internet Explorer

    1 – The Slider is duplicated and display all slide on the same page

    2 – if you go to the ad detail, all content included in tab are not displayed (just with IE .. all is working with others browsers), for exemple : http://immoovation.com/?estate=particulier-loue-f5-91m2-a-aumetz

    Could you please help me to solve this, even if it is to be billed … it’s very important
    Many thanks for your reply



    what version of IE do you use? We saw the problem with the tabs, I think the problem are the new HTML tags…

    Thanks for your quick reply

    I use Internet Explorer 11 : version 11.09600.17239


    Ok. We can help you to fix the problems, due the fact you’ve changed some parts from the original theme we need some time to find all problems…

    Super, great, wonderfull, marvelous … thanks a lot

    I can provide you my dashboard access if the need be …
    let me know …

    1000 thanks


    I think we can fix it without the admin access, but if we need it, we will let you know

    Dear all,

    A gentle mail to have some news …

    Thanks a lot for your feed back



    I’m sorry, at the moment there are no news. I will let you know as soon we could fix your problems with the IE browser…

    Hi the 7team

    Could you provide me an update please.
    This request is very URGENT .. several clients complain beacause they use Internet Explorer and can not access to the ad ..

    I just started my business and it’s not a good advertising for me …

    Thank you to take into consideration this urgent issue




    sorry for the delay, yesterday we were on a training. At the moment we can’t access your website, because there is a redirection to this page here:



    Thanks for your reply ..
    It’s true, the new site name is immovateur.com

    Thank you for your feed back


    Ok, now we can see the website and working on the problem.

    Can you deactivate the plugin “bwp minify”? There are some javascript problems caused by this plugin, mabye thats the reason why the tabs not working in IE…


    I did it and unfortunately, there is no different without “bwp magnify”

    On IE, the slider of the first page diplay all ad and in the ad details, tab and content are not displayed

    Do you have another idea ?

    Thank you


    in the source code we still can see the compressed files from the minify plugin. Can you check it again? Do you use a caching plugin? If yes, can you clean the cache?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)

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