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  • Hi,

    Maybe you can help me out.

    I have bought the sundance theme based on following link:


    On my website I am running WordPress 3.8

    I have following problems:

    1:Uploading and installing the theme doesn’t work via the dashboard. I actually get a error message “Do you really want to do this?”
    2:When uploading and installing by hand, certain options are not there. An example is the “Theme Profile” option that simply does not exist.
    3: The site then look nothing like the example that made us buy the template
    4: The support documentation does not make sense at all. The screens are completely different etc…..

    I am sure that this will all be pretty easy to solve. All I want is to install the theme and then load the demo data so that it looks more or less like the demo site.
    What can you do for me?


    Hello Albergo,

    of course we can help you! I think your theme is not installed correct. Can you post the link to your website?

    I just created a temp user so you can help me loading the theme.


    user: XXXXXX
    passw: XXXXXX


    Ok, thank you. Please wait a minute, we take a look at it.

    Ok, we have found the problem. The max_execution_time in your PHP configuration is to short, after a while the server cancel the upload. Do you have a FTP login? So we can upload it with an FTP software

    ftp details:

    FTP server host : wXXXXXXXXa
    FTP IP Address : 19XXXXXXXX63 (may also be used as FTP server)
    UserID : gXXXXXXX4
    Password : XXXXXXXFk

    just tried to ftp from windows 7 system via command prompt:

    open wXXXXls.co.za
    user gXXXX
    passw 4XXXXXXXX

    cd www
    cd wordpress

    no problem!

    Ok, my fault! We have tried to login with port 80, with empty port it works.

    Upload in progress…

    By the way: dont post logins and userdata in forums, everyone can see AND use this…


    On an ipad that menu shows perfectly over the whole width of the page. On a laptop however, the menu sits on the right (displaying two lines).
    Earlier, when I had a logo, this displayed perfect above the menu, on the ipad. On the laptop, the logo sits on the left side of the menu.

    Any thoughts about this?


    Wrote you an email….


    I am trying to get the 404 page working but the one from the sundance theme does not show up. What else needs to happen besides editing the 404 settings under “theme options”?

    kind regards,

    Leslie Langeler


    normally this page appears only when a visitor try to open a page that does not exist. Should it not work, then it’s most probably a problem with the permalink settings. Try to use the default permalink settings

    thanks for that, changing from default to one of the other settings actually solved the problems.

    Kind regards,

    Leslie Langeler


    I have a problem with the featured image. In general I don’t use it because I use another solution/style for my pictures.

    However for the posts, I need the featured image. This has to do with a widget that displays a thumbnail of the featured image in a sidebar.

    How do I prevent displaying the featured image at the top of a post page. I assume that I have to edit a php file (single?) and “comment out” some code.
    Hope you can help.



    open the “format-standard.php” file and comment out the line number 9, this one:

    ?><a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"><div class="category-item-img"><img src="<?php echo $large_image_url[0]; ?>" alt="" /></div></a><?php

    Regards, Stefan

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