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    Ive tried this on a domain and a sub domain. Neither work. Right now I am working on the footer section, but no changes within the Footer section propagate to the site. If I do something like uncheck “Show this section” in the footer menu, then look at the site, it still exists. If I change any typography, sizes, colors, etc, they do not change. Even if I open in a different brower, clear cache, etc. Nothing actually changes. How can I resolve this?

    Hi, ok, that’s strange. When you provide us a login then we can check it for you. It’s hard to say what went wrong without seeing it. Thank you!


    I have just sent you an email granting access.

    Ok, we checked it, on our end the footer is hidden. The problem is the Litespeed Cache plugin you installed, all changes are not visible until you delete the cache of this plugin. We recommend you to use plugins only if you really need them, too many plugins will always create problems.



    You are welcome!

    i cant select the tabs in my theme options

    Hi Justine, what theme do you use? And what version of the theme?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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