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  • Hi 7theme Team!

    I’m working on the FLAPP theme and would like to know how to set up the full page menu background.
    The link to my website is https://zagaia.bhz.br/bmribeiro/

    I’ve tried several alternatives and I could not and as I did not find anything about it in the FAQ, documentation and Forum,
    I’m asking for your help.

    Thank you and I await a return.

    Cláudia Braga


    do you mean like on the front-page of our demo website?


    If yes, please edit your front-page and remove the slideshow. Please take a look at the settings box below the editor (where you set also the slideshow), please choose the first tab ( “layout” ), there you can add a custom background, custom background color and header content ( the text in our demo website ). Here is what we added as content for “Custom content below header:”:

    <h4 style="color:#fff; font-size:100px; line-height:100px; font-weight:100; margin-bottom:20px !important;">Hello & Welcome</h4>
    <div class="h4" style="color:#fff; font-size:60px; line-height:60px; font-weight:100; margin-bottom:0 !important;">My name is Susan, i create beautiful <strong>websites</strong> and love <strong>photography</strong>.</div>


    Actually what I would like is the full-widht menu background in white or transparent. And let the height go up to the header section. Is it possible to do that?

    Ah, I think now I know what you want to do. But there is no option ( in the theme options ) to change the header, only thing you can do is to use custom css code to do that


    I would like to know the name of the font used in the FLAPP theme. I tried using the raleway source and Exo, but it did not change. The source used in the demo of the theme and would like it to be the same as the “What we do” “Hello & Welcome”.


    Cláudia Braga


    the font is “Raleway” for the headlines and “Exo” for the text.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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