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  • Hi,

    I would like to insert two sliders on the same page (first the object slider, and below, the research slider (and be able to custum the css of the research slider).

    Could you please said me how to process ?

    Thanks a lot


    with “research slider” you mean this here right:


    Ok, I think it can work with the shortcode for the real estate search. Try to insert this at the top of the normal content:


    Let me know if its not working….

    It’s working well .. thanks a lot, again 🙂


    I’m looking for how to create and use tags fot the normal content page as [one_half] [search_real_estate] [clientslider] etc …

    (in fact I would like to create a new research page and be able to insert it in my page with for exemple the tag [small_search_real_estate])

    this question may be too general, but I’m looking for information for 2 days on teh codex and unfortunately, nothing 🙁

    Many thanks for your help



    the default shortcodes you can find in your theme folder -> 7league (folder) -> shortcodes.php, the shortcodes for the real estate things in your theme folder -> 7league -> posttype-real-estate.php.

    By the way: a lot of shortcodes are in your wordpress editor. When you edit a page, inside the head of the editor are all the default buttons for “bold”, “italic” and “underline”. The last row of these buttons are the shortcodes. You can open the shortcodes dialog window when you click on the button with the “injection” symbol.

    If you need general informations for shortcodes, please take a look at this:



    Thanks a lot for your help

    Have a nice day

    You’re welcome!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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