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  • Hello,

    We just install the theme Astra and have the following problem. The slider doesn’t work correctly, the responsive design in mobile version doesn’t show the menu. The slider with testimonial doesn’t work correctly, also the colors in the theme options. The strange thing is that in the preview mode everything is OK. When we publish the changes, they just doesn’t work. Could you please help me?


    I think there is another problem because the theme is up to date and working. Can you send us a link to the page with the problem, then we can take a look at it

    Hello, Thanks for the fast reply. The webpage is https://upravlenie.bg/


    that’s not a problem with the theme, the problems are caused by one of your plugins (looks like a caching plugin caused the problems). Please deactivate all plugins, then activate them step by step and refresh after each activation the website to check if this was the plugin that caused the problem.

    Yes, It was one of the plugins. Thank you for your support and fast reaction.

    You are welcome!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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