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  • Good Morning

    I created a website with Hot theme. I showed the site for models and they loved, but one of them told me something I had not noticed and maybe you will not. Personal page not there is a field for the phone number of her. Ideally also a field for email and whatsapp. How add adding these fields ?


    I think you mean the single pages for the ladies, right? For example:


    Hm, it’s not so easy, because you have to add this as php code, and if you are not familiar with php code, you will have massive problems. But for us it’s not so much work, I think we can add these fields in the next update. You need “phone”, “email” and “whatsapp” right?

    It is precisely those fields that are required for contact with customers (“telephone”, “email” and “whatsapp”). As you mentioned, I am not familializado with PHP code. When the next update will be made? Because I have some models that will make the announcement without the contact there is no way disclose the page.
    Thank you.
    P.S .: If you do not forecast the update date, you can have the php code and tell where it should be changed, I ask a friend who is a programmer to insert it?


    I think we can made the update this weekend…

    Okay. The faster as they can do this update thank you very much. I’m waiting.

    Hi, update is available!

    Hello. How do I upgrade? There is danger of the site or stop to a problem?


    please unzip the zip archive, then upload the theme into the theme folder and overwrite the existing files. No worry, you content is saved in the database, there is no problem…

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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