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  • Hi,
    the Cycle Slideshow works fine on Macs. But in PC (Windows 7: IE, Firefox, …) the image does not scroll but is fixed in place (the text moves, tough). When checking the debugger I get “[cycle] terminating; zero elements found by selector”.
    Help appreciated! Thanx!

    It works for me (PC win XP firefox 42).
    So maybe it’s not the problem

    Hi, well, also your demo of the Tammoo theme is not working (http://7theme.net/mtp/?t=Tammoo), so maybe you should take a closer look with a more up-to-date OS 😉

    does not work properly

    Slideshow effect: scrollHorz
    only the first foto moves
    next foto up is applied
    navigation runs poorly
    (does not work left right)


    Please check


    the effects are up to the jQuery plugin we used (cycle), but we can have a look at it, looks really strange. We can see also the problem with the Firefox browser, but I’m sure we can find a solution for it. We will test some ideas, as soon we found a solution we will post it in this thread

    Problem with sliding image fixed, new version is 1.06 and it’s available in your account.

    Where can I download it? Thanx!

    click account=>Your Dashboard-Downloads=>tammoo 1.06

    Nothing in there. Says “You have not purchased any downloads. You have not made any purchases”
    Bought the theme via envato, no updates via WordPress available either…

    I’m just a customer. I’m not an administrator. I write as I did on my website.

    I’m sorry if I introduced you to the mixup

    awistudio: forum participant


    replace file allslider.php

    on my side now works correctly

    Sounds good. Maybe you could send me the file?

    Thank you!

    I can send you the file. You alone download and save to your computer.

    click account=>Your Dashboard-Downloads=>tammoo 1.06

    then locate the file allslider.php


    send it to your server directory=>

    Yes, please send!

    I’m sorry, but I can not send this file. You can download it. See above how to do it

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)

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