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  • Hello,
    I bought your theme tammoo and during the installation I encountered a problem. From the previous posts, only one is visible and the rest are like ghosts posts. Here you can see how the home page:
    What could be causing this behavior? How to change it?
    Do you have any suggestions?


    Very strange! Do you use plugins? Mostly plugins cause the problems. If you want, you can send us the link to your website, then we can take a look at it.

    All plugins was disabled, but nothing changed. I also tried cleaning cache and other browser (user not-logged in and logged), incognito mode – unfortunately effect is exactly the same – blind section.
    The site does not display individual sections of the <article> for each of the posts.

    Have you insert already custom css? I think the best is when you send us the link to your website, then we can take a look at the source code and help you to solve the problem.

    Here you are 🙂


    login: 7theme
    pass: tammoo


    I think there went something wrong with the content of that post on page one, maybe it cause an internal error, because I saw in the source code that the rest of the blog post is missing, thats why the sidebar is on the bottom of the page, not on the right side. Can you delete this post to test it? Or change the content?

    My content was exported from oryginal blog and imported to this test.
    When I changed theme on original blog – efect was the same, so this is not problem with imp-ex method.

    Yes, i’ve deleted them and I imported your demo content. That was work as well.
    Clone of the post didn’t work, but writing post again works fine…

    I see one solution:
    Write all post all over again and set exacly the same path as in old theme…

    I have one hint from wise heads. Is tammoo uses to display per page-template / shortcode? If so maybe here is the problem?


    no, thats no the problem, because the template dont use a shortcode to display the post. I think the problem is the content of the posts, if you use shortcodes or functions in the posts that are only in the old theme, it could produce this error. So I think thats the reason why WordPress dont display the rest of the posts. If you want, you can send us the login for your website, then we can take a look at the content.

    I solved the problem
    Previous theme used additional format post (post, image, video, gallery, etc.). Tammoo displays posts that have defined the format as plain, so this selective display. Posts were visible, but were not displayed by the function of tammoo:

    <? php if (have_posts ()):?>
    <? php while (have_posts ()): the_post (); ?>
    <? php
    if (! get_post_format ())
    get_template_part (‘format’, ‘standard’);
    get_template_part (‘format’, get_post_format ());

    So, I changed the theme to the previous, mass changed the format of posts on plain and changed the theme again to tammoo which solved the problem.

    Ok, great. Im glad its working now.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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