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  • Hi,

    I am using the Strong theme. In my footer, I have:

    Footer 1 Sidebar SHOWS Widget:: Contact Details: Contact and then Widget:: Social Icons
    Footer 2 SHOWS blank
    Footer 3 Sidebar SHOWS Contact Info (Jetpack) – where i have listed my hours of operation.

    My footer is dark grey with white font color. Footer 3 is showing up correctly with those colors but footer 1 is somehow being overridden and the font is grey on a grey background so I cannot see my contact info even though I updated the Appearance -> Theme Options -> Footer Section -> Typography to be white font (over a dark grey background).

    Any ideas where I can find what is overriding it and change it to inherit from my theme?


    Hi Angela,

    hard to say what went wrong. Can you send us the link to your website, then we can check the source code…

    Thanks for the quick response. For now I had to change the background to light grey and the footer font color to black (so people can see it) but the 2 contact lines for address and phone should show up as a different preset if you inspect the code. As per my Footer Typographie the only preset I have is listed below as well.


    ====Typographie for footer===
    Text – Font
    rgb(41, 35, 35)
    ▼ Fontcolor
    Preview: Lorem Ipsum Dolor

    Widget Title Colorx
    rgb(41, 35, 35)
    ▼ The Textcolor for the Widgettitle



    Also do you know how to get rid of the space after the heading on a particular page? Say I want a slider to go right up under the header? Right now there is default spacing and no option to override for a specific page.


    looks like one of your plugins cause the problem. Found in your source code custom style that overwrite the style of the custom theme settings. Please check your plugins. You can deactivate step by step the plugins to find the bad plugin. After each deactivation check the front-end if the problem still exist

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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