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  • Hi,

    Just started using WordPress today, i’ve come over from Joomla……

    I paid for a theme and i’m having some trouble trying to do simple things that I can do easily on Joomla.

    I need help sorting out a selling page, on Joomla I basically had a gallery type page with all the thumbnails on, then when you click one, it would take you to it’s own buy now page, with the image larger, and then a PayPal dropdown list and button underneath (as then the typical garment – postage – shipping info at the bottom)

    I made a page on WordPress, I know how to add a gallery, but not sure how to make each image go to it’s own page, also once on that page, I can add an image, and then put in the PayPal HTML code, but it all looks very messy….

    So if anyone can help me with this it would be much appreciated, if you want to email me if that’s easier?

    Also, I have a music download page, again… on Joomla I could add CD cover images, and then have that linked so when clicked it would go to the artists download page, but again I can’t seem to link the image, I tried it once with a gallery, and then click the one CD cover, put a link in, but then on the page it would actually show that link over the top of the CD cover, so once again i’m totally baffled on what to do….. I also wanted to add a MP3 player for one song from each album/mixtape, I installed a MP3 player and it works great but I can’t seem to fit is just under the actual CD cover it belongs to, on Joomla i could create boxes, and then images/text/HTML codes would all go in to that one box and would all be aligned together etc, so i’m not sure how to do all of this on WordPress.

    This is my main website with Joomla: https://urbankaos.co.uk
    and this is the one i’m trying to sort on WordPress: http://newwebsite.urbankaos.co.uk/

    I have a very long way to go, i’ve had to import content from the theme in order to sort sorting things out and have a mess around, but I need to get this website sorted ASAP and i’m having no luck.


    we answered already your email…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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