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  • Hello,
    For some reason my social icons are just showing blank buttons and no image within the button. This worked at one time but this may have been with the demo data was pointing to you directory. How do i fix this? http://luciano.valkeryie.com/catering/



    we checked your website and the icons return an Error404, also the folder where the icons are located return an error404, please take a look at it:


    Have you deleted this folder? The theme upload was correct?

    The directory exists. I just deleted the entire directory on my server and uploaded files that work fine from my local computer. I did not make a difference still nothing shows up even when I go directly to the .png file via a browser. If I view/edit and download the file and try to open it up with an editor it says it may be a corrupted file. I do not what to delete and re-install the theme. I have a ton of changes that I would not want to have to re-do. What else can I do?

    Looks like there where a problem with the upload, but this has nothing to do with the theme. You can try to delete the folder and upload it again, maybe than it’s working. Otherwise you should contact your hosting provider

    I deleted the folder and nothing, I can always use different social icons, not that big of a deal thanks!

    What do you mean with “I can always use different social icons”? Does it work or not? Can you visit the icons in the folder or not? Tried again to visit the folder but it’s not there:


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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