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  • Hi There,

    I am using Smooth Slider on your theme Hellas.

    What I do is sliding png fishes but how can I set the speed and continiously slide left…

    Thank You in advanced…


    there is no option for a continiously slide left and the animation speed

    Hi there,

    Yes I know there is no option for that. What I meen is the coding on the file jquery.smooth.js I believe I can edit according to your instructions…

    Please advice…

    Thank you…

    Ok, please have a look at the file “slider-smooth.php”, there is the jQuery code where you can change the settings.

    The file is in the root of the theme folder

    Ok so back to same question How can I set the speed and continiously slide left? It is kind a complicated for me. Can you send neccessary coding? Thank you in advanced…

    Normally this is not covered by free support!

    You can play around with this value in the jQuery code (increase/decrease):

    scrollToAnimationDuration: 1000,

    Ok Thank you . One more issue : How can I disable “prettyPhoto” on smooth slider. I dont want it clickable.

    Thank you very much…

    You have to change it in the file “allslider.php” in the folder “7league/allslider/” in the theme, but you have to do it yourself, those changes are not covered by free support…

    Hi There,
    I think I figure it out.
    Thank you for sharing the file name I have to edit.

    You’re welcome!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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