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  • I am using the theme Candy 1.02 on this website http://www.londonstudentescort.co.uk, but the site will not scroll down when accesing it from Google Chrome on MacOS. It does scroll down in Safari and Firefox, and it also scrolls down in Chrome on a mobile. But there is something in the theme that makes it not scroll down in this particular case.

    I have read about other themese (not from 7Theme) that also have an issue with scrolling in Chrome. Then a recommendation has been to “turn off smooth scrolling” in the Theme settings, but I am not sure that applies to your theme.

    Would you mind having a quick look, and maybe come up with some recommendation for how to make scrolling down work in Chrome?

    With kind regards/

    Hi, also we used a jQuery scrolling plugin in our themes, but removed them in one of the last updates. Are you sure you are using 1.02? Because normally this version doenst include the scrolling plugin anymore. Maybe there was a problem during the theme update. To remove the plugin, you can open the file “plugins.js” in the folder “script” and remove the plugin by deleting line 7 – 26 (starting with “/* SCROLL */ ” and ending with “window.addEventListener(“mousewheel”, H, !1), window.addEventListener(“load”, k, !1));” )

    Thanks, I did what you recommended and it worked!

    That code is definitely still in 1.02 though – I removed it from 1.02. So you might perhaps want to release a v1.03, and change this file? – I think every site on 1.02 will have the same issue.

    Thank you again.

    Hi, of course we will check it again, if the code is still there we will remove it and provide an update.

    Can confirm that this is still part of 1.02. Removing it from “plugins.js” works though.

    Hi, yes, it was still part of 1.02, but with 1.03 we removed the plugin that caused the problem.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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