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  • wondering what short codes i could use to generate a page with just one Kind of real estate and not all? i.e. show only Vacent Lots or only homes.



    can you tell me the name of the theme you use? Then we send you the shortcode.


    Also, the search bar is at the top of your Home Search page but there is no short code when i go to edit the page…why not? and what is that short code? also, the search fields at the top disappear once you do a search…how can that stay for the next search?

    The short code for [search_real_estate] lists the different search criteria vertically instead of horizontally like your demo suggest… how do i change that?


    ok, to create a page with properties “for sale” only for example, go to WordPress admin -> Menu, click the “Screen Options” tab on the top right and check all checkboxes. Now you can choose from all categories, types, countries and other real estate categories (Boxes on the left of the page). Just choose and entry from “Estate Kind” and click “Add to menu” to add the category to the menu.

    Search Box

    We’ve dont made this with a shortcode, this was made with the page options. Please take a look at the options box below the editor when you edit a page, please click the “Slideshows” tab and choose “Search” as “Slider type”, thats all.

    The search shortcode we’ve made only for the content area and the sidebars.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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