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  • I am testing your theme Inbalance and I cannot insert shortcodes because the Insert button in the pop up is not working. I deactivated all my plugins but still not working. Are there any other causes that might trigger this problem?


    sounds like a javascript problem, I think one of your plugins caused the problem. Have you deleted cache and browser cache after deactivating the plugins?

    It is my testwebsite and I don’t use a caching plugin. But there is something strange. I activated another theme and after that I tried to activate Inbalance theme again. But I got a 500 error message and couldn’t reach my dashboard or site again. Through ftp I renamed the Inbalance theme and than I got access again so I think the theme itself is the issue. Does the theme work with php 7? Because that is the version I use on the hostingserver.
    Do you have a clue what can be triggering this issue?

    Yes, the theme is working with PHP7. Do you remember if there was a error notice with the error500? Have you changed something in the meantime in the PHP files of the themes? Before it was working right?

    Meanwhile I can use the theme again. I put in a plugin needed by another theme I am testing and that plugin didn’t work with Inbalance theme. After deactivating that plugin I could activate Inbalance again.

    About the shortcodes: Some of them are working now and others are not. F.e. the button, content slider, toggle, tabs, pricing tables, dividers, colored skills, countdown and accordeon are working. The service boxes, color boxes, section, lists, highlight, alert boxes, table, columns and a few others are nog working because the insert button does not work.
    What am I doing wrong for them to not work? And do you have a more detailed manual on the shortcode sections? Or do you have a list for all the shortcodes so I can put them in manually? For the service boxes I did put in the code manually and that worked.

    Another issue I detected is: I changed the font size of de content text in Theme options – Mainsection – Typography but it didn’t change on the frontend. So I now changed it bij using css. That worked.

    I have deactivated almost all my plugins except for the ones I really need. Are there any known plugin issues with your themes?

    I am testing if I can use the template on a customers website so any information/suggestions to get things working is very welcome.

    I’m sorry, there is no list with shortcodes, because we made specially the shortcode generator to solve this problem.

    What am I doing wrong for them to not work?

    It looks like there is a javascript problem, mostly those problems are caused by plugins. Have you tried already to deactivate ALL plugins? No matter if you need them or not, just to see if it is caused by a plugin or not.

    Are there any known plugin issues with your themes?

    There are thousands of plugins out there, of course we cannot test all plugins with our themes, but the most important like jetpack, yoast seo, contact form 7 and so on are working with our themes. If a plugin is coded with WordPress code standard then there should not be a problem, because all our themes are coded with WordPress core functions and after the WordPress coding guidelines.

    If you want, you can send us (info @ 7theme. net ) a link and a login for your website, then we can take a look at the shortcode generator and help you to solve the problem.


    I have the same problem on my site,.. It´s a clean wordpress and your theme “prestige”. And there is no plugin activated, only Contact Form 7. Hope you can help me.


    not sure what went wrong, but please send us ( inf o @ 7theme . net ) a link to your website and a login, then we can check your website for the problem, because it sounds like a javascript problem

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