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  • Good Morning

    I want to separate models by region, eg, North Zone, South, Midwest, and pair the customer to choose the one that is closest. In my registration Models inform the nearest region to them. I created several pages with the names of the regions. How do I put these pages the models I want?

    The only thing you can do is to use “person category” taxonomy to filter the entries. You can use this shortcode:

    [person_grid category=”(insert here the slug of the person category)”]

    In our demo website we’ve used “person category” for the serivces the girls offer, but you are free to change it to everything you want. I think that’s the only solution, because you have to categorize the girls somehow

    I put the code with the slug of the category, but even with users with this marked category is not showing up.

    We’ve tested it on our demo website and there it’s working without any problem. Please make sure you are using the slug, not the name, for example:


    instead of:

    Skinny Girl

    Good afternoon

    I put the slug, not the name:


    Person Origin

    quick edit
    Name: Zona Norte
    Slug: Zonanorte

    [person_grid category=zonanorte]

    I believe that should be the same problem that is occurring in [person_search] in some options are not looking (it was already sent the username and password for the site (again funcionar.Mais detail in the sent e-mail).

    The problem is that you use “person origin” for “zonanort”, not the category. It’s only working with category…

    Good evening

    I hit the error. It worked. example :

    The shortcode should stay this way

    quick edit
    Name: Zona-Norte
    Slug: Zonanorte

    The shortcode should stay this way

    [Person_grid origin=zona-norte]

    P.S.:The “Name” field can not have spaces.

    Thank You

    Does it work now?

    Yes. its work now. Thank you.

    Perfect! 🙂

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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