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  • Hi,

    I’m starting to work with the Seaview theme for a new version of our real estate site.

    Right now I’m concentrating on the home page using the Full Width slider in the header and have some questions regarding modifications. I’m setting up the slideshow for the full width slider via Allslider the following questions have come up…

    When I click on the settings for each of the pictures I added to the slideshow under Allslider I see some fields that I need more info on.

    1. Captiontext – If I put text in this field should it appear on the picture when viewed on the page? Tried several times – no text appears.

    2. Is there a place to resize text/change colors, etc. for Headline and Imagewall fields?

    3. What is the Text for Piecemaker field? How is it used? Should this also display text on a photo in some way? Tried several times and nothing appeared.

    4. Is there a way to display an excerpt of the property description on the slides in the Fullwidth slider in the header (similar to Skyline which has an aera to the left of the pciture which contains information about the property)?

    5. What is the minimum size my pictures should be for the Full Width slider on my home page? I’d like to see a size similar to the demo content in the Seaview theme for the Fullpage Slider on the home page, but so far my images appear larger and therefore no text from the home page appears “above the fold”. You have to scroll down to see/readany text that appears in the body of the home page.

    Much Thanks!


    1. Yes, the text normally should appear with the Cycle Slider.

    2. No, there are no options, but its very easy with css. You can add this code in WordPress admin -> Appearance -> Theme Options-> General -> Extra CSS Content:

    .cycle_element h2, .cycle_element h3, .cycle_element a {

    3. This is a unused field, it’s included in the framework but not in the theme.

    4. No, sorry, it’s not included in the theme. Normally those features like the slider we show always in the demo of the theme, and it’s always included only what you can see in the demo

    5. The images we’ve used for the default slider are 2000 pixel width and 700 pixel height.


    A few new questions….

    1. On all the pages in the Seaview template there is a very wide section of white space on each side of the page (wide boarders?). Is there a way to reduce the amount of the boarders (white space) on both sides so there is more real estate available in the center of the page for text and pictures on a page? Once you add a sidebar the real estate available for text and photos is reduced further.

    2. I did use the Extra CSS code you provided in my previous post (also question 2 in previous post). As a follow-up to this….
    A) is there a way to align the text using additional extra css? I tried align:center, align:left but that did not seem to make a difference.
    B) Is there a way to increase the width of Headline and Imagewall fields so wrapping doesn’t occur? It appears to wrap oddly, it places the wrapped text on the next line but right justified. I’m hoping there is a way to increase the size of the field to avoid wrapping.

    3. Is there a way to increase the space between the main content on a page and the sidebar. I’d like to put a little distance between the main content and the right sidebar.

    Much Thanks!

    Hi Denise,

    1. I’m not sure what you mean, can you send me a screenshot? (info@7theme.net)

    2a. It’s “text-align:center”

    2b. You can try to add this css code:

    .cycle_element h2, .cycle_element h3, .cycle_element a { 
    	width: 100% !important;
    	left: 0;
    	margin-left: 0;

    Please note: Those customization normally are not covered by free support!

    3. Try this css code:

    #page-sidebar-right #content {
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