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  • When I choose supersquash template on my website http://squash.suwalki.pl/
    scrolling with mouse stops working

    works fine with other themes

    Hi, we checked it, there was a problem with a jQuery plugin we used. We fixed it, you can download and install version 1.03 and it will work without any problem.

    I have downloaded 1.03 version but nothing changed. Still no scroll – even in wordpress settings, when the theme is selected.
    When I switch to different theme everything works ok

    Hi, we tested it on your website and on our end it’s working. You can try to delete the browser cache and test it again, I’m sure this will solve the problem…

    Same problem with Crumbs template.
    Can’t scroll in Chrome on Mac (Safari is working).
    Can you update this too please.

    Another note to last post:
    Your demo page works fine although in Chrome.
    I have no plugins installed.
    There is also no scrolling inside the WordPress Backoffice Dashboard after installing Crumbs Theme.
    I have Crumbs 1.01

    Hi, you can download and install version 1.02, we fixed the problem with this update

    Thank you for building a new version.
    I’ve tried version 1.02, but same problem here.
    As soon as I activate the theme, scrolling is not working in WP Backoffice and also the site itself can’t be scrolled.
    Working with a Mac and Chrome 67.0.3396.99.

    Sorry, it seems there was a caching issue.
    Scrolling is working now. I keep on testing …

    Ok, thanks for letting me know…

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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