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  • Hi, I use justify gallery in my home (and somewhere else) as the demo of lambada theme, so I have 4 pictures

    Then I changed the picture and now I have this problem

    Layout change based on widnow size due to responsive rules
    Anyway When the layout is 3 on top and 1 on bottom the last image cover the three on the top, in the other layouts (2 top 2 bottom, 1 top 3 bottom) everything is fine

    justify gallery responsiveness problem

    You can also check my home

    So I think it depends that the image size are different from the demo images, anyway…How can I solve? I don’t want to resize original images depending on where I’d like to show it


    I saw the problem on your website, looks like the jQuery plugin calculate the position of the images not correct. Have you installed plugins? Maybe there is a conflict with another plugin, because we use this gallery in many of our themes and we never had this problem before.

    Of course I’ve installed plugin, I think as every WP user

    Anyway, your consideration could be correct so I tried the same gallery in another instance of WP completely clean where I’ve installed just your theme without any additional plugin

    you can see here


    and there is same problem
    so I think there is some bug related to images dimension

    could you give some suggestion about it?

    Normally the jQuery plugin calculate the images and resize them, and we use this script in countless themes and never had problems before. Can you tell me the exact gallery shortcode you used? Have you choosen a image size for the gallery?

    I just copied the shortcode from the demo content

    anyway here it is
    [gallery rowheight="180" link="file" gallery_style="justifyGallery" ids="4154,4153,4152,4151"]

    and also seems that rowheight and link doesn’t have effect on this shortcode

    Please refer to my second site because now, in my real site, I resized the 4th image and it works, anyway if you could find a solution will be better because I don’t want to resize my original images when I have to use this gallery.


    I add that, as in the demo, the gallery is into [two_third]/[one_third_last] shortcode

    Ok, we will try to find a solution, but it looks like it’s an issue with the jQuery plugin

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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