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    does this website answer back to clients cuz ive sent them 2 different messages in the “contact us” and yet to get a response back… i purchase a theme and even purchased the “theme installation” and still cant figure this damn thing out and i honestly just want a refund.. is that even possible?


    we are really sorry, we had a massive spam attack, that’s why our email provider blocked all emails from the last days. If you want, we can install the theme for you, or is it too late?


    Of course we fix the issue and installed the theme for the client, no worry!


    Then how do I access the theme cuz I cannot figure this damn thing out I would really just truly and honestly would like a refund cuz if I have to go through this much hassle it’s not even worth it

    What exactly do you mean with “Then how do I access the theme cuz I cannot figure this damn thing”? Please let me know what exactly is not working or how we can help you.


    You said you were installed the theme that I purchased back at the end of December and there’s no option in my downloads to download anything without purchasing something again which I will not do in all honesty I really just want to refund it’s been 6 months since I bought the theme and the help with the installation and I still cannot access anything


    it says in the theme installation that i bought “After purchasing this service you will provide your WordPress admin credentials along with the theme that you bought. From there we will install and activate the theme for you. Once the installation is complete you can log in and begin setting up and customizing the new theme”
    what wordpress admin credentials? and then in the above comments its says that someone had already downloaded the theme for the client so im guessing thats me? how do i access this login info?

    …and there’s no option in my downloads to download anything

    We checked your account, you can download the theme without any problem. Please check the menu on top of this page, click “Account”, then choose the “Downloads” tab, there you can download everything you purchased, including the theme you bought. The download on our website is always possible.

    what wordpress admin credentials?

    The login information for your website, where we have to install the theme for you. Of course, to install the theme we need to log in to your website, for this we need the login credentials. I.e. mywebsite.com/wp-admin/ username: xxx password: xxx

    Please send us via email (info @ 7theme . net, don’t post it here, it’s a public forum) the login information for your website, then we can take a look at the website and solve all problems for you.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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