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  • Hi , i cannot click my theme Options anymore, i get a JS error where in admin.js , at line 151 and 194 , says that sortable is not a function ( seems the Jquery Ui is not loaded … )
    i have tryied in the console to make some tests but didn’t get to a solution , the only thing if i mark line 151 as comment, the highlighting in the options navigation works, but nothing is shown in the options DIV

    thanks for the advice and help .


    Hi Mauro,

    you are using an outdated version of the theme, as soon you update the theme it will work without any problem.

    By the way: the problem is not the javascript code, it’s an old PHP function we used in the theme options. You can take a look at the source code, the page stops to load after the first options in the options panel

    Hi !
    i do not remeber with wich email i bought the theme ….
    i recovered the password of this account as well but under downloads is nothing ,
    you should be able to find me … under Maurizio Cerasino
    hamburg Germany

    best if you send me your answer per email on the new account maurizio.cerasino

    Ok, we found the purchase, it was made with this email:


    I know it whas made with that email, problem is that i do not have this domain anymore and the email is unaccessable,
    it would be nice if you could associate the purchase to my actual email so i con download the actualized version,
    or send me the login detail on my actual email .

    Ok, all done, we attached the theme to your current account.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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