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  • Hi there,

    I´m using quick gallery in my home page but I´d love to link this gallery, it is not clickable… could you help?




    normally its clickable, but its not linked with a page, it open the image you’ve clicked. Do you want to link it with a page / post or doesnt work the gallery?


    The gallery doesnt work, it appears but its not clickable:


    Ah, ok, thats only the teaser for the gallery, that was never planned as “clickable” gallery. If you want, you can add a linked headline, or like in our demo, a text to the right (or left) with buttons.

    You can also try to wrap the shortcode with the “a” tag:

    <a href="http://google.com">
    [quickgallery_teaser id="2319" cols="3"]

    Just replace “href” with the link to the page you want to refer and the shortcode with your current shortcode, this solution should work.

    ok it´s working thanks!

    You’re welcome!


    Again i need your help for portfolio page http://itlucent.com/demo/creagestal/portfolio/. On our site pagination and filter of portfolio is not working.

    can you check what we are doing wrong?

    username : ******
    password: ******

    Thank You


    the pagination is a WordPress problem / problem with the permalinks, because when you set the permalinks to ‘default’ its working. You can try to set the permalink settings to another structur, then it should working.

    The filter for the portfolio is working, but on the first page of the portfolio page are only items for the category ‘webdesign’, thats why ‘illustration’ and ‘print design’ is not working. All items for ‘illustration’ and ‘print design’ are on page 3 and 4


    I have a problem again regarding attachment slider, Please check the below links


    admin details:
    username: *****
    password: *****

    Thank You


    please dont post the login here, its a public forum, anyone can see this.

    What exactly is not working? On your homepage you’ve used the shortcode [attachment_slider id=”3684″], this will display all uploaded images to the page with the id 3684 in the slider. You can change the id also to another page…

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)

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