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  • I didn’t receive an XML file to upload content and I would like do that.
    Also, I cannot save and preview menu so I guess I need to change theme folder name but not sure how. Thanks


    you can download the prestige demo xml file here:


    Also, I cannot save and preview menu so I guess I need to change theme folder name but not sure how. Thanks

    Hm, maybe it’s the name of the theme folder. Can you send us the link to the website were the theme is installed, then we can check it for you.

    I uploaded the XML file and received an internal server error message and this is the temporary URL 37a.c5d.myftpupload.com


    you only get this message if your server is to slow to import all content with one try, typical for shared hosting.

    Please repeat the import until you get the “All done message”. Please read also this post:

    Demo Content Import doesn’t work

    Content install went fine but still having problem with menu. Drop down items appears but top level doesn’t. Also, drop-down background needs color fill like example. I don’t see where to modify these in theme options. Here is temp site URL df6.45c.myftpupload.com Thanks

    Ok, that’s what we see on your website:


    I think it’s completely like our demo website…

    Yea, but it wasn’t easy. Loading a theme with a menu containing white font and a white background isn’t very sporting-at least for us newbies. I see how it might be good for the upgrade business but I suggest you tell everybody that orders one of your themes to download the WP Max Mega Menu Plugin in order to save themselves a lot of trouble. P. S. I have screen shots of my own so let’s move on.

    P. S. S.

    I’m going to really like this theme. Thanks for making me stick it out.

    Hi Marlin,

    I’m really sure that the theme isn’t configured with white background and white color for the menu, because we’ve checked it on 4 different server and it was working always, the basic configuration was always working and the menu entries are visible.

    However, maybe a plugin caused the problem…

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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