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  • I’d like to buy lambada theme. I like very much and it is almost perfect for my dance school website. I need some additional info about schedule section

    The table shown in schedule section

    is a simple table that I have to create manually or there is a dedicated feature/shortcode to create it?
    Is it possible by theme for the final user to filter to the data shown in the table using a combobox?

    I mean something like this

    About the instructor and classes grid, how will be displayed if there are more than 4 entries? there is a sort of slider?


    no, no worry, it’s a plugin / shortcode we used for the schedule, you dont have to do it manually.

    In the basic version of the plugin is no filter for the classes, but it’s also in the “Dance Studio” theme, the filter is only in the premium version of that plugin and it’s not included.

    Instructor and Classes Grid: If there are more than 4 entries, you can show a second (also a third, fourth, …) line with entries or you can change the number of columns.

    Hope this will help you, please let me know if there is anything else you like to know.

    Thank for your answers,

    since I really need the filter is not a problem to have an additional cost. So if I understand you use a third party plugin to do the schedule and the filter is additional funcionality thavailable in the premium version. Can you give some info to this plugin so I can calculate total cost of my needs?


    I checked the premium extensions for the plugin we used, but it looks like there is no “filter” function included ( that’s the plugin we used: https://wordpress.org/plugins/weekly-class-schedule/). But I checked the source code of the plugin and it should not be a problem to code / develope the necessary function for you, I think with this service we can code a custom solution for you, like in the demo you sent us:

    Theme Customization Small

    Thanks, ok in this case a will acquire the theme, then in case require this custom development.

    Just a last question, the time table that appears in Instructor’s Profile Page is related to schedule page?

    I mean the schedule data shown in the instructor page is the same shown in the schedule page?


    yes, it’s related. The time table in instructors page was made with a shortcode that search the data for the trainer / instructor and show them in the profile page.
    Please let me know if there is anything else you like to know.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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