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  • Hi, I’m using Tripsters in WordPress.

    I have 3 questions:

    1. I use a Portfolio for country pages, e.g.: https://ilextravel.com/portfolio/thailand/

    How can I change the URL of all the country pages to replace the word “portfolio” with “countries”?

    2. On a portfolio page, in the “Inspiration Gallery Tab” the image captions don’t appear, even when a particular photo is selected. Is there any way to show captions?

    3. For the menu navigation buttons on each page , is there a way to change the look so only one has the oval around it? Or, can I change the look of just one of the buttons to highlight it?

    Thank you!


    1. Please open your functions.php in the root of the theme and add this code at the end:

    function add_custom_rewrite_rule() { 
        if( ($current_rules = get_option('rewrite_rules')) ) { 
            foreach($current_rules as $key => $val) {
                if(strpos($key, 'portfolio') !== false) {
                    add_rewrite_rule(str_ireplace('portfolio', 'countries', $key), $val, 'top');   
    add_action('init', 'add_custom_rewrite_rule');

    This should do the job.

    2. Hm, without massive changes in the PHP code it’s not possible. This kind of gallery was only to have a fast solution if you need a gallery.

    3. You can try the following css code, just add it at the end of your style.css file:

    #header ul#menu > li > a {
    border:0px none;

    #header ul#menu > li.current-menu-ancestor > a,
    #header ul#menu > li.current-menu-parent > a,
    #header ul#menu > li.current_page_parent > a,
    #header ul#menu > li.current_page_ancestor > a,
    #header ul#menu > li.current-menu-item > a,
    #header ul#menu > li.current_page_item > a {
    border:2px solid;

    Hi, I tried #1, and it didn’t work and also made this Page disappear:


    (By the way, I also wanted to change the name of that link.)

    So, I deleted the code and that page is still missing! How can I restore it and change the URL for those pages?

    2. Ok, I’ll just keep them without captions showing for now.

    3. I tried #3, but what it does now is only has the oval appear around the current page. So it moves around as you click. What I want to do is have only one of them “Planning” have to oval at all times. I took it off for now.


    Update: I figured out how to rebuild/restore the Countries page.
    So, now it’s just back to the original question of changing the name of the country pages.


    OK, if the filter is not working the only thing you can do is to change it in the PHP file. Please open the file “posttype-portfolio.php” in the folder “7league” and change line 16 from this

    'rewrite' => true,

    to this:

    'rewrite' => array('slug' => 'projects'),

    Ok, cool that worked. (I just changed projects to countries for my site.) Thanks!

    So about #3, the ovals around the menu buttons, the CSS code you sent before changed it so that the oval was only around the currently selected page, so I removed the code. What want is to have only the one button, “Planning” have the oval around it, and the others just be plain.
    Any ideas to make that work?

    Thank you.

    Ah, ok, you meant only for the “planning” menu entry, that’s easy, you can use this css code:

    #header ul#menu > li > a {
    border:0px none;

    #header ul#menu > li#menu-item-3987 > a {
    border:2px solid;

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