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  • Hello,
    Can you help me to solve this problem please?
    After changing to the newest PHP version (8.1), using apache 2.4 – I cannot click on items in theme options..
    Cause this, visual of website has changed as well.

    I am using ZenVersion: 1.07, is there any new version?
    How can I solve this problem to get it work on PHP 8.1 ?

    Thank you for a response
    best regards

    Hi Jan, the most recent version is 1.08, as soon as you update the theme it should work again.

    Hi, thank you for a message.
    Yes, this new version of theme works 🙂

    Can I set a notification about new theme version please? By email?
    I didnt know that new update exists

    Yes, we will add you to the mailing list for the theme updates. I’m glad it’s working now.

    Yes, we will add you to the mailing list for the theme updates. I’m glad it’s working now.

    Hello, thank you,
    Now, is my account set to get notification about updates via mail ?
    Also I have got no notification when you have replied to this post.. although I have checked notify me of follow-up replies via mail


    Yes, we installed the update notification for your theme. Have you also checked your spam folder for the missing email?

    can u type me please words of mail subject – how can I look for the email?

    Also I have noticed please, When I click on SAVE button in Theme options / BODY
    I see a pop up message: Name of the page says error , I tried to changed background picture, tried using samples and so on… I had to go CTRL+ F5 to clear message.

    Background has been changed successfully but there is annoyoing message of error after click on save button..

    How can it be fixed please?

    here is the error log

    Error Details
    An error of type E_ERROR was caused in line 181 of the file /data/3/b/3b9c04cc-ef4f-4786-8176-dde7d82fbd6d/dotykslnka.sk/web/wp-content/themes/zen/7league/options-page.php. Error message: Uncaught TypeError: count(): Argument #1 ($value) must be of type Countable|array, string given in /data/3/b/3b9c04cc-ef4f-4786-8176-dde7d82fbd6d/dotykslnka.sk/web/wp-content/themes/zen/7league/options-page.php:181
    Stack trace:
    #0 /data/3/b/3b9c04cc-ef4f-4786-8176-dde7d82fbd6d/dotykslnka.sk/web/wp-content/themes/zen/7league/options-page.php(216): sevenleague_save_input()
    #1 /data/3/b/3b9c04cc-ef4f-4786-8176-dde7d82fbd6d/dotykslnka.sk/web/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(308): sevenleague_add_adminpanel(”)
    #2 /data/3/b/3b9c04cc-ef4f-4786-8176-dde7d82fbd6d/dotykslnka.sk/web/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(332): WP_Hook->apply_filters(NULL, Array)
    #3 /data/3/b/3b9c04cc-ef4f-4786-8176-dde7d82fbd6d/dotykslnka.sk/web/wp-includes/plugin.php(517): WP_Hook->do_action(Array)
    #4 /data/3/b/3b9c04cc-ef4f-4786-8176-dde7d82fbd6d/dotykslnka.sk/web/wp-admin/includes/menu.php(155): do_action(‘admin_menu’, ”)
    #5 /data/3/b/3b9c04cc-ef4f-4786-8176-dde7d82fbd6d/dotykslnka.sk/web/wp-admin/menu.php(428): require_once(‘/data/3/b/3b9c0…’)
    #6 /data/3/b/3b9c04cc-ef4f-4786-8176-dde7d82fbd6d/dotykslnka.sk/web/wp-admin/admin.php(158): require(‘/data/3/b/3b9c0…’)
    #7 /data/3/b/3b9c04cc-ef4f-4786-8176-dde7d82fbd6d/dotykslnka.sk/web/wp-admin/themes.php(10): require_once(‘/data/3/b/3b9c0…’)
    #8 {main}

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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