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  • Hi, I am trying to create a team section using the given templates. However, I want to link from team slider and/or team grid to the individual member page but not to Facebook, Twitter etc. Any solution for this?

    …and same with the Portfolio grid and slider: Doesn’t really make sense when items are noch clickable.

    Hi Bitterlemmer,

    in the team section we have removed the link to the single template recently, because until now all the buyers dont want to use it. If you want, we can make an update for you with the links to the single files.

    Yes! That would be great!
    same possible for the Portfolio section?

    Yes, of course, we make also the Portfolios clickable

    We have uploaded the update, the new version is 1.02. The staff have to approve it, but I think tonight it’s available.

    Hello, the update is available on Mojo…

    Thanks! So far it still doesn’t work, maybe I didn’t install it correctly. This is what I did: Logged into mojo, clicked the “my download”-button and simply downloaded the theme. Unzipped and replaced three files on the server: team-entry.php, team-grid.php and team-list.php. Am I right? And did I download the updated version?


    please check the style.css file in the download, the correct version is 1.02 (or see the changelog.txt).

    The changed file is the “team-entry.php”. Please have a look at line 24, there should be an < a href="... > tag.

    Nope… no <a href… tag in line 24.
    And something little irritating: The Zip is named Parador, but inside there is a theme called Sundance Version 2.02.

    Hi, it seems Mojo has updated the wrong theme.

    Can you send me ( info @ 7theme . net ) your email, than I can send you the files by email. We have updated the theme on Mojo again, but now we have to wait until monday to get it approved. Sorry for the trouble…

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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