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  • Hi.

    Link to website: http://tinyurl.com/z3v5m4g
    I have a problem with servicebox in Orion template. I use shortcodes to generate servicebox but it doesn’t work. I even tried paste working servicebox code from my other website (Celano) and it doesn’t help. Here you have 2 codes from “Oferta” section:

    [servicebox title=”Sklep” text=”Sprzedaż produktów” bg=”#04566A” icon=”icon-adjust” link=”” readmore=”więcej…” ][/servicebox]

    [servicebox type=”1″ icon=”icon-adjust” text=”SKLEP” bg=”#04566A” color=”#C7ACB1″ hovercolor=”#85CC1E” hoverbg=”#f5f5f5″ styles=” text-align:center;” iconsize=”100″][/servicebox]

    I checked many other icons with fa- and without it.

    and one more question: how delete white space between “Oferta” section and next one section (parallax)?


    the white space for the section is easy to solve, just add this to your section shortcode:


    It should look like this:

    [section ... marginBottom="0" ...] your content [/section]

    In this theme is not the same service box shortcode like in the Celano theme, because it’s an older theme. You can use this shortcode for service boxes:

    [servicebox title=”Add your Title here” icon=”add_the_link_to_your_icon_here” text=”Add your text here” link=”add your link here”]

    title = The title for the box

    icon = The url to the icon. You can upload icons (i.e. .png / .jpg) in the media library and add the link to the icon option. It’s working only with uploaded images

    text = The text for the service box

    link = The link for the service box, an URL like http://google.com

    Thank you!

    You’re welcome!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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