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  • Hi-

    I changed the code in the file you suggested.

    The three team members show up properly in the grid and appear to link out, however when I click on their links to go to their expanded profiles, I get a Page not Found (404).

    If I try to edit the profile under the Team template, and hit “View Post” I get the same error for all three team members I have set up.

    Please advise.
    Thanks much!



    sorry for this, but mostly the clients don’t want to have single templages for the theme, so we’ve removed the link to the single templage.

    If you want, you can open the team-entry.php file, and change line 24. Change this code:

    <p class=’team_p’><strong class=’team_entry_h3′><?php echo get_the_title(); ?>

    To this Code

    <p class=’team_p’><strong class=’team_entry_h3′>‘><?php echo get_the_title(); ?>


    very strange! Can you send us the link to the website, then we can have a look at the source code. I think there is a problem with the permalink settings…

    We still have some images to add, but here is the link to the team page:

    We want to be able to do this for each of the houses in the Properties Grid.
    Can you assist with this page doing the same as well:

    Thank you!!

    This is how we want the Properties to work – like the demo.
    Still getting the 404 Error.


    Please advise.


    we’ve tried it on your website, but it’s working, we don’t get the 404 error….

    Well, we ended up figuring that Page out ourselves.

    We still need help with the Properties page.
    The Properties page doesn’t work like in the demo.
    Can you help with that?

    Plus all of the details don’t show up in the grid like the Price of the property.

    Hi –

    Can you walk us through how to add a Cufon font, as well?

    When we add the js file, it’s not showing up in the dropdown list.

    It’s just blank.



    I think you forgot to insert the name for the Font. To the right of the upload field is a input field for the name of the fonts, it’s very important to insert the proper name for the font.

    Ok, we put a name in the field for the font, but it’s not displaying the actual font we added. Not sure why.

    Also, how do we use the cufon font within the body text, not just the Headers?


    there is no option for the body text, because the cufon font technique works with svg graphics, and some devices can’t display them. So we’ve decided to offer the font replacement only for the headlines. If you want, we can send you a modified file to use it also for the body text, but at your own risk.

    For the other problem: if you want, you can send us ( info @ 7theme . net ) the link to your website, then we can take a look at the source code and help you to fix the problem.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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