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  • Hi Guys
    I need to be able to remove these settings in person profile
    We don’t want the word drugs, tattoos, shaved etc on the page
    How do i remove these please

    see image https://ibb.co/n5WLJv


    can you tell me what info you exactly not need, then we can send you the codes you need to remove it.

    So I can’t turn them on and off per person? Seems weird why is that broken?

    So I wish to remove all of the ones shwon in image below


    So No Tattoo
    No Piercing
    No Drugs
    No shaved
    No smoker

    Pleas give me code to remove just those. Thanks


    we made an update to fix the problem. Now, when you edit a person, you have a third option for the checkboxes for “drugs” and “Tattoos” and so on, so you are able to hide the option.

    New version is 1.05 and it’s now available

    You guys are awesome thanks. So what is best way to get this on the site. Do I download the new theme and override it or will the update show in “Themes” and I do it from within the site?

    Hi Guys
    How do I upload new theme please.


    yes, download the theme, upload it with FTP software and overwrite the existing theme files. No worry, all changes you made in the theme options are saved in the database…

    Hi Guys
    I am ready to upload new theme (ladies) but when i log into my account it shows no purchases and I bought the theme for $69 US on March 20th approx
    Where do i find the updated theme to FTP please

    its for this site here http://purpleorchid.co.nz/

    Cheers Craig Connelly


    we checked your purchase and found the problem, it was made with a guest account, means it was not made with your account on our website. Now we attached the purchase and the theme download to your account and you should find the theme in your account -> downloads

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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