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  • I am having much difficulty in making a portfolio. Is there any documentation or tutorials specific to Lime?

    On the page making module there is a choice of templates including several portfolio options. But then what, it does not give any options anywhere else to make the portfolio selected.

    I know I am new to wordpress, but the difficulty in getting any useful information is staggering. The wordpress sites are too general and your site gives nothing specific to Lime. How can you put a product out with no documentation? If it exists, then where to find it?

    If there is a general way all your themes work, then there is nothing mentioning this.

    Please can you assist me in this.


    wrote you already be mail. Please follow these steps:

    First Step:

    Go to WordPress admin -> Portfolio -> Add New. Now create a single portfolio entry, Insert a title, then the text and upload a featured image ( it’s important for the preview ).

    Second Step:

    Create a new Page (WordPress admin -> Pages -> Add New ), please insert a title, for example “Portfolio”, then choose one of the portfolio templates as template, for example “Portfolio Grid”. Publish the page, then add this page to the Menu and all is done. This page is a “summary” for your portfolio entries, like this one here:


    Normally it’s really very easy to create new portfolio entries and display them in a page…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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