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  • hello, i´m implementing this theme an i have some questions?

    1 – using the portfolio slider shortcodes, as this:

    [portfolioslider title=”Distribuidores” speed=”” auto=”” items=”4″ number=”8″ itemsforward=”2″ width=”230″ height=”160″ right=”20″ direction=”left”]

    is possible to click on slider image and navigate to portfolio page of this item? instead of zoom the image?

    or let open the image on zoom, but enable, like the servicebox shortcode, the following options?

    link=”/” readmore=”+Información”

    on botton of slider´s images in order to set an page to go to see the portfolio item details?

    2 – i was testing the simple portfolio entry , a page like this:


    and the page render between the featured image and portfolio item detail data, an gallery, is there any way to eliminate this gallery without coding, i mean , on theme options???

    on single-portfolio.php

    from line 34 > if ($attachments)
    to line 64

    all of this are not necessary to my project, so using css to hide the class=’portfolio_thumb’ may be enought , but i need to hide this content only on single-portfolio.php, not the whole site, what do you recomend?

    also, i need to hide the portfolio details on right, and left only thhe portfolio content, any way, what do you recomend as the best way to hide this?

    thanks a lot, good job, i like this theme

    Hi Edouard,

    1. Now, I’m sorry, its not possible without massive changes in the php files and this is not covered by free support.

    2. Yes, if you want you can delete these line to remove the slideshow. Another way is to remove the images / dont attach images to the portfolio entry

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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