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  • Hello, I’ve been trying to add a left side side bar to the News/Blog page, via the Custom Options of the Blog page, but it doesn’t affect the page. Here is the test site:


    Ok, now it seems to work all of a sudden, perhaps it’s a caching issue? I’ve tried deleting the cache and I turned OFF the WP Super Cache plugin… very odd.


    yes, I’m sure there was a problem with cache plugin.

    it’s not that, bc I disabled it and actually I’m still having problems with a new page I set up called “Blog New2” where I want a left sidebar and title, which I set up the same as the Blog Default page. Am I doing something wrong? I should be able to just turn sidebars off and on on any page using the Custom Options settings, correct?


    ok, in the settings you have to choose the position of the sidebar and the sidebar itself. For example: you can also display the right sidebar on the left side if you want. But you have to both options.

    Yes I know, it’s set as –
    Sidebar Position: Sidebar Left
    Sidebar: Left Sidebar

    If you can email me directly I’ll send you an admin login.

    Great idea, please send the login to “info @ 7theme . net”.

    Actually I figured it out… I just started over and created a new page and now it works as expected, I think the database may have gotten messed up with that other page so I started over. I did find another glitch with the AllSlider, which doesn’t work when using featured maps images, but I can work around that. If I have any other issues I’ll send a login, thanks!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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