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  • Do you have some better instructions on how to set up the map function in the Object section? I cannot get it to work and don’t know what I am doing wrong.


    no, only the theme documentation. What exactly is the problem? Are you able to add the coordinates for the entry? If the map on the front-end is not working, please make sure that you have a valid API key for your website, see also this post in our FAQ section:

    Google Maps Shortcode doesn’t work anymore

    I followed the instructions on your website on how to set up the Google maps. It works on the Object fill in form, but does not work when you go to the Homes list for instance and click on the particular object address. It shows the pictures but does not show the map. I get Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details. I put the Google Maps API Key from Google in the General Settings. I also downloaded a plugin API Key for Google Maps after it would not work. The address of the website is http://www.banderaproperties.com/blog. I have it installed there until I have it right and then I will move it from the “blog.”

    It seems there is still a problem with the API key. Please make sure that you set the API key like in our tutorial. Otherwise you can check WP admin -> Appearance -> Theme Options -> General, in the last Update for this theme we added an option to add the API key in the theme options, if you have installed the most recent version of the theme you can try to add it there, maybe this will solve the problem.

    Since I still could not make the theme maps work, I contacted WP Fix It at wpfixit.com. They always help me with WordPress problems that I can not solve on my own. They found there must be a bug in your theme. I am attaching all the information I received from them that might help you to resolve the issue with other clients. You should also take it off the market with MOJO Market Place until you resolve the issue. The theme cost me initially and cost me more time and money to go to WP Fix It to figure out what was wrong that I could not make it work since you apparently have not followed through to see what could be my problem if my API key was correct. I don’t see a way to attach anything, so I will just give you the words of the message I received from WP Fixit. If you want the attachments that show the process, let me know how I can email them to you. Here is the message:
    Gay, I got the map working!


    I can verify that the Theme Google Map Code API does not work on the front end, the theme has a bug.

    I was able to figure out a way to display the map on the front end page by adding a shortcode from another plugin to the end of the property description.

    I wanted to check to see if the API key I made was working so I installed a plugin on your website to check it and I was able to verify the API Key I made works.

    I added the shortcode to display the map on the property listing page and it displayed the map and it also made the other map from the theme work too. Wow!

    What I did was using the plugin I installed I made a map with no address and 0 pixels in size to add the shortcode to the property description and it works, it makes the theme map work.

    All you have to do is add this shortcode to the end of your property description. [wpgmza id=”1″]

    When you make new or edit properties just add the shortcode [wpgmza id=”1″] to the end of the property description. It’s a hack but it works.

    There is definitely a problem with the theme’s code but this work around will get you going and able to display maps on your website.


    we will check it again, but I’m sure there is no problem, because in our demo it is also working. Not sure what cause the problem on your end, but we will check it again

    I purchased your Locate Real Estate theme through MoJo Market Place. I noticed the version I have is 1.04. Is it compatible with Php 7.4?

    I’m unable to upgrade my website, so I’m thinking t is your theme.

    Email is gay@tecarnes.com


    you should update the theme, the current version is 1.11. This version is fully compatible with PHP 7.4

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